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January is Crime Stoppers Month

January is officially designated as Crime Stoppers Month in recognition of the valuable services provided by the Crime Stoppers organization and the many local affiliates that bring these benefits to local communities. To mark the occasion, the Prime Minister has issued a formal proclamation. It may be read here.. Youth Video Challenge Lanark County Crime Stoppers has just launched a video production contest open to students at schools in Lanark County. The objective is to create a video that is a maximum of 5 minutes in length that tackles Crime and improves safety in your school! The video should promote student awareness and responsibility in promoting the Crime Stoppers Program as an effective tool in the fight against crime in the school community. Some possible topics to address: violence, gangs, graffiti, drugs, bullying, cybercrime, harassment. More details will be found here.

Crime of the Week

We have recently inaugurated a new page on this website; the Crime of the Week page. It will highlight, on a rolling basis, the the most important crimes in the last four weeks. Please click here to open this new page.

Roadside Signs

We have recently completed the replacement of the thirty-six Crime Stoppers signs that are located along the side of the roads throughout Lanark County. They replace older signs that were getting weathered, and had obsolete names and website addresses on them. If you see any old signs that have been missed please let us know by email at info@lccs.ca.

Lanark County Crime Stoppers Is Seeking Volunteers and Board Members

In order to expand its operation and carry out certain public duties, Lanark County Crime Stoppers is seeking volunteers who can assist as either members of the Board of Directors or to help with occasional events and activities held throughout the year. Jeff Maguire of Carleton Place, who has chaired the board for more than a decade, says the board has decided some new members are needed.

Anyone who wishes to join the program as a board member or volunteer is asked to contact Crime Stoppers by e-mail at:

or by Canada Post at:
    Lanark County Crime Stoppers
    15 Coleman Street
    Carleton Place, ON
    K7C 4N9

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Please contact Constable Howard Huggard at 613-267-2626 for further information or a response to your needs.

Last updated February 25th, 2017